Malindi Port (Passenger & Cargo)
The busiet Passenger Terminal in East AfricaMalindi Port is Located Zanzibar Town (urban West Region) about – 35 NM off the coast of Tanzania Mainland Lat. 6 0 093′ South Long. 39 0 11.5′ East. It main entry point handling International Trade for the Islands of Zanzibar. About 95 percent of Zanzibar imports and export passes through this Port. The Malindi Port has the busiest passenger terminal in East African Region handling an average of 1.5 Million people per year.
RehabilitationThis Port has one berth for large foreign going vessels, with a quay length of 240m and one for coasters with 113m length, it can accommodate first Generation Container Vessels with 10m draft. There is no shore cranes on the wharf, ship gears are used to offload and load cargo.

After completion of Rehabilitation Project, which was funded by EU in 2005 – 2008, the port operations improved considerably, between 2008 and 2010 container traffic increased at 30 percent per year, this is due to the growing trend of containerization of Cargo at
International Trade handlingZanzibar Port. About 40 percent of Import Cargo is for Tanzania Mainland Market and the rest is for Domestic Consumption. The Main port of Zanzibar handling international trade for Zanzibar. About 95% of Zanzibar Import and Export passengers through this port.