Services and Operation at Malindi Ports on improving

Dr. Khalid Mohammed Salum, the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Zanzibar unveils the Revolutionary government of Zanzibarplans to improve the services provided by the Zanzibar Ports Corporation (ZPC) by reducing the challenge of space. In doing that, he said the government is striving to improve the standard and provisional of services at Zanzibar Ports Corporation’s ports by changing the existing godowns to container yards as per the UNESCO directives since the Ports is under World Heritage Site of Zanzibar Stone Town. It increases the water deep at bath number 3 at Malindi Port where now it is used by a number of ships. It also increases the container yard within the Malindi Port at Bwawani areas 4000 square meters for opening of containers so as to reduce pressure within the Malindi ports where there is pile up of containers including empty ones. It also uses Maruhubi area to accommodate empty containers until the ships which own them come to take them.