About Our Corporation

ZPC is a parastatal Organization established under the Act of Parliament in 1997. In accordance with the Act. ZPC is an autonomous organization which is responsible for managing, Operating and developing ports of Zanzibar. ZPC operates under the Ministry of infrastructure and Communication.

The major responsibilities as stipulated in the Act include managing, operating, developing and promoting port industry in Zanzibar. ZPC expected in particular to perform the role of an operator in terms of commercial activities of port sector on the Islands of Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba).

The establishment of ZPC is a result of Government major restructuring program of the economy, started in the early 1990's. the principal objective of the program is to increase the economy's capacity to produce and deliver goods and services primarily through the private sector, strengthening the public sector's ability to regulate the economy and reduce its role in production and businesses activities.